DoDAF 2 Training & Certification

The following is a selected list of professional training organizations that provide DoDAF 2 training and certification. In many cases these training organizations will also provide training for the Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM 2), which supports the UML 2 and SysML architecture description languages. For tool-dependent DoDAF & UPDM training related to specific visual modeling tools please check out the tool vendors listed on the DoDAF & UPDM Tools page.

Please contact us about additions and corrections.

DoDAF & UPDM Trainers
  • Custom DoDAF & UPDM Training & Certification
    Basic and advanced DoDAF 2 & UPDM 2 training and certification based on flexible learning modules that can be tailored for team and project needs. Students can select among popular Architecture Description Languages to specify their DoDAF-compliant models, including UML 2, SysML, and BPMN 2. Training is available in tool-independent and tool-customized versions, where the latter support popular visual modeling tools (Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw, UModel; others available on request).
  • DoDAF Training
    Hands-on 2-3 day DoDAF workshops that apply a comprehensive methodology for designing operational, technical, and systems architecture views and products consistent with DoDAF guidelines.
  • DoDAF Overview Training Course
    Provide an overview of DoDAF and its relationship to other Architecture Frameworks, including DoDAF methodologies, viewpoints, metamodels, and roles.